The Desfigured Road Angel

Zombie Road is more than a story about zombies and the apocalypse, it’s not a hopeless new world it is a new chance for people to prove themselves and reinvent who they are. It is a saga about the strength of the human soul and the power that lays inside us. Jessie the Desfigured Road Angel becomes a torch of hope for the lost souls of this turbulent new word. David Simpson creates heros, like the brave men and women from the Nordic sagas. Who can ignore Bridget the former beauty queen turned into a fierce valkiry like warrior. Her gun kata is a show to behold, not only elegant but also efficient. Or Griz, a good hearted giant that is always ready to crack a joke and fight to protect the innocent and weak. Another favorite of mine is Hollywood aka major Brown. You will be captured by the humanity and adventures of the people that live in this world. Zombie Road one to four is available on Kindle unlimited, paperback and audio book.

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