Eye catching promo

I was sitting here, sipping some tea and started thinking about my first real post on my new page. And I decided to “attack” a question I was asked a few times. “Why do you promote books in a sexy way?”… Well.. Duh!!! First of all, that means that you actually noticed the book!!! It was there, in my bikini post, or on my legs with the really high heels that makes my legs look like a highway to heaven… You maybe posted a comment about the legs, but still noticed the book.. I like my looks, I like my body.. I believe that we have to use all the means available to reach our purpose, and action stories always have a hot heroine.. Now think fast and tell me you don’t remember Alice, or Rose McGowan… Or even the bimbo blonde in Night of the living dead.. It’s interesting that the authors I collaborate with never complain, and that I get allot of compliments from women.. So, if you believe, like me, that reading is a very beneficial hobby, why not mix it with a babe to get more attention for your book… Have a great day, read a book!

2 thoughts on “Eye catching promo

  1. Wow
    Not a distraction at all. I love books! You are an added bonus. People would probably just go, hey it’s just a guy that likes horror and zombie books, what’s new about it. I really never knew any women interested in these genres. You do catch the eye, and your taste in literature is excellent. You are intelligent, witty, creative, and enterprising. Building a small following of like minds and developing it into a cult.

    Who has grown up in American that doesn’t like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. I would watch her on Saturday late at night, showing movies, the jokes, and her. There is an appeal.

    We get to see with the Zombie Queen parts of Romania a normal tourist doesn’t see. We were there once and saw the tourist sights. It was interesting and informative, but when driving in the bus, would see people selling copperware, but never stopping. Mostly were taken to churches, which I always thought that if I entered, would be enveloped in flames.

    She has given me inspiration to think of new stories to write, whether I get to them or not. She is an inspiration to many, and think if any of mine were made into a movie, she would be perfect in playing in them.

    Don’t be discouraged, everyone has their opinion, and if fans are upset with something, explain like you did and hope for the best.

    Hope this wasn’t too long or discouraging, a fan.


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