Summer Aldens

Army general Frank Philip’s 17 year old daughter Christina is infected when bit by a mosquito carrying a deadly virus while going swimming. As a result she’s sent into a coma. 
Frank makes a deal with a demon to bring her out of the coma. The demon has a price though. In exchange for waking Christina up, Frank must help him turn the town’s citizens into zombies. He agrees to do this. 
Enter college student Summer Aldens and her best friend Natalie Solomon. Along with Summer’s boyfriend Victor Masters, and teenage sister Marigold Aldens; Charity and Robert “Bobby” Bowman, whose husband and father military scientist Thomas has been infected; they must rely on each other if they are going to survive this; and prevent the demon’s plans. They are later joined by Ruby Charleston, and Megan and Guinevere Collars. 
This is just part of the horror, as Summer and Natalie find out about the demon. Chasing after it back to this world, Summer, Natalie, Ruby, Megan and Guinevere hope to find a weapon to destroy this demon.

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