Mark Tufo, the Godfather of indie zompoc

Please forgive me if I sound less like The Zombie Queen and more like a fan girl, but when I start talking about Mark Tufo I am a fan! Zombie Fallout was the first zombie series that I picked up totally by accident and I was in love with the genre. Mark Tufo has such a incredible style and humor in describing the Zombie apocalypse, you have to love it and laugh with tears sometimes. The moment when his main character stepped into dog poop, but still saves Henry, the dog that we all end up loving and caring for during the series, I knew that I will buy each and every book and read it. Someone said the Mark Tufo is like The Goodfather of indie zompoc, and I like the sound of it. But we can’t reduce Mark to Zombie lit only, he has a awesome Scifi series called Indian hill and his new series Demon Fallout and Lycan Fallout are breaching the limit between indie horror and classic dark fantasy. OK, I fangirled enough. Grab a Mark Tufo book, now!!!

One thought on “Mark Tufo, the Godfather of indie zompoc

  1. Once you start, you can’t stop reading Mark Tufo.
    Mike Talbot is the hammer. His wit, sarcasm, luck, and ability to find most of the time escape from danger. Always keep a woman close, it keeps him in line, and humble. Well maybe not too humble. The cast around him are plentiful, and always astounded by his character. Maybe it should be called Talbot Fallout.


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