Kingdom the Netflix show

I admit I was not very excited about a assian zombie show.. But I like to try new things and just gave it a go. The first episode could have been, whatever, they build up the suspense, and tried to explain the political intrigues and situations, but I admit to my ignorance and will talk about the characters the way I see them..
We have the gorgeous good guy, the Crown Prince, he is traveling with his guard, a bearded guy that is more or less a coward, but when it counts, he can put up a fight… Bearded guard guy is kinda funny, and Sexy Crown Prince has mad, crazy sword skills !!!
We have the princes evil stepmother , she is cute, but she was responsible for turning the King into one of the living dead because she is a power greedy bitch !
Together with the Hot Prince guy, we meet a smart and funny female doctor, not sure about her name, but she is pretty , and smarter than the entire bunch there… She is courted by a magistrate that is the biggest chicken shit you ever saw in your life, he may mean good, but he is always doing the wrong things.. And there is the great shooter, the guy from the pic, he puts head shots in the zombies one after the other. … Who am I missing… Well, there are the zombies ! The greatest thing about them is the way they look like possessed demon dolls when they rise.. because they are not active at day, on the other side… watch episode 6.. Make sure to fight yourself true the first two episodes, you have to watch them to understand the intrigue, and I promise that the next ones will be very rewarding for your gore hungry zombie loving heart !

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