Rhiannon Frater the Goth Zombie Queen

It’s women in Horror month and my first choice is the goth queen, Rhiannon Frater! I will not start counting up all her books, because there are allot, check out her Amazon page! I know that I make a big deal of my page being a zombie page, but I adore all her vampire series so much. Not only that the historical research is on point, but the action scenes are awesome, fast paced and captivating.

I will just say that her work is special. It is the type of story that stays with you, in your heart and mind. Rhiannons characters are very realistic, even if you don’t like them, they make sense. She touches so many aspects of zompoc and horror, it is absolutely fascinating and amazing to be privileged to enter the universe of Rhiannon Frater. Her zombies are old fashioned zombies and evolved zombies, she approaches the Zombie story from so many different angles in a way that most authors would never have the courage too. I had the pleasure to do a live interview with her, and she’s not only a amazing author but also a very fun conversation partner.. Between the two of us we talked for about 2 hours and still had so much to say! I am a fan. If you search for great horror, you find something you like on her page!

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