Black Summer or HODOR

***Spoiler and stuff ****

I just finished watching Black summer. First I didn’t liked it .. But after two episodes I was remind by the old rule of Zombie land.. .#1 Cardio! ! Because we talk fast zombies, like sprint type fast.. These zombies don’t want to feed, they want to infect and the conversion rate is fucking amazing! However, during the 8 episodes I learned that this zompoc survivors do not know how to close a door!!! They are absolutely incapable of it.. They run, hide, see that the Zombie is in pursuit and refuse to use this architectonic barrier.. Another huge minus in my opinion is the fact that you don’t get to know the characters at all.. So you don’t get attached to either one of them. I don’t care about them. I just scream at the screen “Yo, Idiot, close that fucking door !!”… So, my favorite stupid episode is episode 4..that bearded guy on the bus was soo funny. I mean he had so many chances to fight back, to escape, to hide or just to CLOSEDOOR!!!

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