A few words with the vampire hunter. Scott M. Baker

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a native New Englander, born and raised outside of Boston and now living in rural New Hampshire. I retired from the CIA in 2013 after twenty-three years during which I travelled and lived all over Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, many of those locations having found their way into my books. And yes, some of the sick shit I saw and experienced also appears in my books, but I’ll let you figure out what that stuff is. I am proud of my time with the Agency and would never change a thing, and now that retired I’m enjoying my new career as a full-time writer.

  1. Why vampires, where’s the fascination with the undead coming from?

Vampires are a cunning enemy because they can think. I love rampaging hordes of zombies as much as the next person, but a truly dangerous opponent is one that can calculate and adapt. Vampires also appeal to that inner part of us that wants to unleash our animal instincts, that wishes we could give free reign to our deepest desire for unbridled violence and lust without being hampered by conscience or morals. It’s the classic story of good versus evil.

  1. Your vampire novels feature classic undead, similar to Buffy and Blade. Why did you choose the dark evil vampire and not the more romantic version?

I grew up with the old school vampires from Universal and Hammer, especially Christopher Lee. Vampires don’t date teenage girls, they feed off them. They don’t sparkle unless they’re covered in blood. Unfortunately, most bad-ass vampires in books and movies are two dimensional. I give my masters their own back stories, personalities, and motivations. The vampires drive the plot as much as the humans do.

  1. Where’s your inspiration coming from?

My inspiration comes from numerous sources. A visit with friends to Mont St. Michel in 2004 inspired the opening scene in Dominion. One night at dinner my wife and I were joking that nothing was cooler than Nazi zombie when my daughter chimed in “What about Nazi zombies from space?” I’ve always had an active imagination, always thought outside the box, always given free rein to my darker side. It’s the reason I have ten books and two anthologies published and five more books and a screenplay in progress.

  1. What are your favorite horror movies?

The Thing (1980), Resident Evil, and Dawn of the Dead (2005). I can’t even begin to guess how many times I’ve seen them.

  1. Favorite vampire novels?

Robert Lumley’s Necroscope series and William Steakley’s Vampire$.

  1. If you could meet any author dead or alive and have a chat, who would you pick?

Joss Whedon. The man is brilliant, the way he can weave humor through intense situations as he did in Buffy. His character development. The way he can twist a plot. I have never watched a series he has written that I haven’t been impressed with.

  1. How similar is Drake Matthews, your main character from The Vampire Hunters to your own person?

I admit Drake Matthews is based on myself, at least the cigar-smoking, iced coffee drinking, whiskey shooting, rabbit lover part. The rest is a fantasized version. They say write what you know. I never battled vampires, but for several years while with the CIA I was involved indirectly with the war on terrorism. The Vampire Hunters trilogy is my take on that campaign, the endless battle against a relentless enemy whose ranks are always growing and who are not afraid to die. Sadly, I’m not as cool as Drake.

I want to thank all my fans, those who have been with me from the beginning and those who are just being introduced to me. I love writing and telling stories, and nothing makes me happier than to have a reader tell me I kept them up all night because they could not put down my book.

I had the pleasure of reading a few of Scott’s books and I they are very entertaining. It’s the type of stuff you can’t put down! Go get his books on Amazon !!!! https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07PXV72LV/ref=tmm_fbs_kin_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=&sr=

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