Feral children… A wild adventure

David A. Simpsons fans got used to the fact that everything he writes is golden. In this new adventure, Feral children, David associated with a fan, Wesley Norris and the result is awesome!

I won’t post too many spoiler for the people that didn’t had the chance to read it yet, I was one of the fortunate beta reader, and I have to say, what a ride!!!

Is a Kodiak bear a pet? Would you trust him with your life? After the Zombie outbreak only survival counts.. A few Orphans are stranded at the zoo… A special type of friendship is borne.. Wild beasts fight against wild undead.. Mercy and compassion can get you killed.. Will Gordon search revenge? Will the children and their Savage animals survive the fight both against the living and the dead? In this new wild world only ferals survive… Join them in a incredible adventure about courage and true friendship!

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