Why zombies…

My first love in horror were the vampires.. I still remember the first Dracula movie and how fascinated I was by the elegant undead that happened to be from my own country… I started reading everything I could pick up on vampires.. Zombies where not on my radar.. I considered them some type of ghoulish creatures under the power and influence of the vampires.. Now the movie that changed my mind was… Who can guess?!? Resident evil! It was the perfect mix between a strong female heroin and the hordes of the Undead.. After that I was sold… Zombies are scary to me because they lack any reason.. You can’t negotiate.. You can’t intimidate them.. They don’t hate, they can’t be bribed and they will go after their pray to the last… Even a chopped off head will try to feed… I am curious what your thoughts are on zombies…

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