Dead of night.. A review

Doc Hartnup was stumbling in the darkness and rain, unable to take control of his own body and wishing that someone would take mercy of his trapped soul…
Is mercy a bullet through the brain?
How could I pass on reading George Romero’s favorite novel?
I enjoy the pop culture references and the humor of the book.. Dez Fox, the main female character is the one you would like to stand at your side in the Zombie apocalypse.. The novel is preoccupied with two aspects that you rarely found in other stories, one, the human side and two the scientists point of view.
We get a entire fact based explanation of how the man was turned into a zombie.. And the intention behind it.. Still, as each experiment if you change the environment the outcome changes too..
Dez Fox, and the others that end up fighting for their own survival in a small town in Pennsylvania have a hard time killing people that they knew all their life..
The book keept me on the edge. I was experiencing feelings from “oh no” to” run”, to “don’t go out there, you idiot,”… Being written  like a field report we see the same situation through the eyes of different characters.. Each of them is human and flawed.. Maybe the most  painful aspect of the story is the morticians point of view…

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