The end of everything a review

This is a mash review of the first 5 books from The end of everything series by Christopher Artinian.

Spoiler alert!!!!

If you are familiar with the apocalyptic universe created by the author, you don’t wonder anymore that he finds interesting and ingenious way to find the RAM (his own name for the fast zombies).

In The end of everything we encounter two female main characters. Actually girls, two sisters that really don’t seam equipped to survive… The end of everything! It’s fascinating to watch how Wren and Robyn manage situations that get worse and worse each day.

Wren is the nerdy sporty disciplined sister. Robyn is the fun air headed one. The girls learn to trust each other, one day at a time… As time goes by and they successfully fight not only zombies but also living threats they become more and more a team. The situations that the author creates are from funny to incredible creative… I mean who would think about using cannes in a pillow sheet to disable a car… The banter between the sisters is funny and so real.. It’s almost hard to imagine that it’s written by a middle age man.

One thing was just so…. unbelievable… You will see what I mean when you get there. However, check out The end of everything by Christopher Artinian, I really look forward to book 6!!!”

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