My review on The Commune


I was tempted by the awesome cover.. I enjoy spooking around on Amazon and picking up new books that open doors to new worlds of imagination.

The Commune by Charlie Dalton was my pick.. It’s the first book from the After the fall series.

I really love the feeling of this book.. They don’t focus on the predator, the rages, instead they focus on the survivors and on the way life goes on. The Rages are a type of Zombie. The story is places at about 15 after everything fell, how the title is hinting .. The new settlement is a commune.. The most basic for of human settlement.. I love that the author is focused on a group of friends that grew up in the new world. This is normal for them. The fight for survival and the fear of being killed or starve is normal to them.. When Jamie and his friends save a mysterious girl with her head shaved they suffer a big lost.. Make a sacrifice.. This story has a Scifi touch.. I won’t spoil it for you, I let you find out for yourself and I hope you will be as pleasant surprised as I was. I can’t wait to start reading the next book in the series. Pick it up now!


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Every foul spirit by W. Gorman… A review


This is a beautiful poetic story of extreme dark horror. It’s not for the faint hearted! It’s the silk that will turn into the spider web of your nightmares. This story slipped inside my subconscious and created a pocket of darkness..

William Gorman returns to the small idyllic town of Blackwater Val. If you read the first part of this story you know how much horror the white picket fence town is hiding.

Katie learned at the age of 21 to conceal her other side. The side that can melt into someone’s mind and plant thoughts, good or bad. She stretches her supernatural fillers to find the killer that takes the souls of the younges.. Unspoiled blood that will never get the chance to reach its full potential.

Kate is attracted to this place of mystery and energy to find her roots and maybe discover something more. The green eyes of a man she meets connect with her soul.

I highly recommend this spooky story for the gloomy hours of the night when trees creak in the wind and strech their branches to the sky like fingers of a corpse…