Rats episode 1 (Flash fiction by Reading Zombie Queen)

Rats 27 dec
She was looking so beautiful on the rooftop warming up . The sunny days got very rare, heat was hard to find. Since the two leggers dried up and disappeared we don’t get the red flames or the hot surfaces anymore.
The upper floor was most of the time grey like the fur on good old Misty. She was the oldest, born long before the cold came, and some believe that her fur coat changes with the color of the above.
Now I was here, hidden, looking at her. The round red ring made her fur shinny. She was beautiful, round, her tail was long and whip like.
She was licking her paw with slow lazy movements. One of her front teeth was chipped, but it makes her even more desirable. She’s beautiful brown. Like the sweet stuff that is hard and crunchy that I scavenge now and then.  “Mmmm, brown stuff”
I should introduce myself, I am Zig and I am a rat . I am hidden here on the roof of the building lusting after this hot female that spreads her pheromones around. There will be more males around soon. I already had to kill two on my way up.
I am actually white, but I color my coat with sooth to blend in better.  I am one of those, I used to be a lab rat. After the two leggers disappeared I escaped the lab. And now I want to sink myself into this soft new generation female.
My red eyes sparkle, I can feel it. I fed on the two juicy idiots that crossed me on the way up here. I mean, the pheromones that she’s sending out made them stupid.
I got closer. Her fur was standing up and she sent even more pheromones around. I mounted her. She squequed. The pleasure took me to a place of horror, or metal stuck into my soft flesh and my fur being shaved on places on my body.
I wanted to let her be. Her belly thick and pregnant with my Youngs already. I bit her, hard. Her spine cracked.. Her body went soft as I went soft inside her. The beauty of her brown soft coat was sticky with blood. My hunger was aroused in another way now. I licked off the blood, first just to clean her, then I bit again, just a taste of soft sweet flesh. Before I had the slightes idea what I do I was sucking marrow from her juicy bones. I am so full. Sated in all ways I lay there, enjoying the heat on my blood splattered fur before it went away again..

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