My review on BBC Dracula

“It’s nice to be understood” I want to start my review on Bbc’s Dracula with this quote from episode 2..Dracula was longing to connect in a real way. He was thirsting for blood and a higher level of understanding.. How lonely must a being feel after 400 years of not finding the intellectual nourishment he needs to flourish.
“Blood is lives” I will draw here a parallel to the Bene Geserit nuns from Dune.. With each drop of blood Dracula was sharing not only life energy but also the knowledge of each and every one of his victim.. I finished watching the mini series today and like Dracula is thirsting for blood I want to know more… The connection between Dracula, Sister Agatha and then Zoe van Helsing was obvious.. We can compare the search for answers of the two.. Sister Agatha wanted to find God, Zoe wanted to find the truth in science and they both connected through their DNA after partaking in Dracula blood.. Like wine is turned into the blood of Jesus.. Draculas blood contained so many lives, it is rich in knowledge .. He absorbed the experience of peasants and of  the people of high birth alike . Dracula woke up to a new world after a sleep that lasted 123 years. Instead of feeling lost and outcast he uses the new technology to his advantage. The extremely charismatic count Dracula finds Lucy.. Renfield is funny. I enjoy his acting. Now what I don’t know is who Jonathan Harker was that kept calling Jack.. Lucy’s transformation was heartbreaking.Another question that I have is who or what are the sufferers, are they zombies, ghouls, we don’t know . Being robbed of her beauty she refused the gift of a eternal life, even a eternal life of clarity and strength. The modern adaptation of Dracula was fascinating. I honestly believe that they kept the soul, the spirit of the story and added a modern touch to it. I won’t comment the ending, I let you discover it for yourself.. The ending is open from my point of view, because as with many other myths connected to the vampire Dracula, we don’t know exactly what is fact and what’s legend. Same as sister Agatha I would ask whiseass questions, why not?!? How often does one take the chance to chat with a undead creature that is longing for some flavor in its existence….

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