The black rain and the curse, a dark apocalyptic universe by Mark Gillespie

  My literary taste is diverse. At the moment I find myself thorne between beta reading for my good friend Scott Baker and the apocalyptic stories by Mark Gillespie.
I will speak a bit about Mark Gillespies work. Please excuse spoilers and my ideas jumping around from one story to another.
I was intrigued by The Curse because each time a story starts with a society segregated based on sexes, it sounds like a fun read.. So, you have this few hundred women living in New York, a dystopia place, guarding Helen…
The author picks up the legend of Helen of Troy, the woman that started wars.
So, there’s Helen, and the curse.. The ladies from New York say that if a man has intercourse with Helen he will die because of the curse.. On the other hand, Helen has great PR. She’s the most beautiful woman in the world, worth diyng for!!!
Let me tell you that there’s no shortage of men that are willing to try their luck..

Eda on the other hand is a young woman that enjoys reading and walking around the empty city.. She’s curious about the world, about what is left there after the big war, The End War, the war that ended them all..
The story is sucking you in, it’s seductive like Helen..  I found myself rooting for Eda, hoping that she will be escaping and that she will find her way and happiness.. But what brings you happiness in a post apocalyptic world where only a few people survived???
On the other side, Black Fever is more toward horror.. The type of horror that plays a bit with your mind, and that you can’t fight.. The Black widow is this enigmatic figure without a facial expression that plays with the deepest fears of people pushing them to suicide… I am in love with the fear and darkness of the story.. Reading more!
If I won’t say more, I am lost in the darkness of the black rain…
Follow Mark Gillespie and get his books on Amazon!!!
After the end trilogy by Mark Gillespie

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