A fragment from my first novel… Not published yet. Broken Sun

I decided to share a small fragment from my first ever novel. It’s not edited yet, so please be kind.

There’s a fresh body on the sidewalk….Janey made Alice eat dead flesh a few times. It wasn’t that bad..   

    They where not cannibals, they would not kill people for flesh like the deaders that would feed on the fear and the blood of the victim but if they found a available body that was not long dead, they would make a feast out of the flesh from the chest and legs.. Janey kicked the man’s body. He was there, in full armour. He didn’t moved …not at all.  She turned him around. His eyes where yellow and  something that looked like a yellow fungus would grow out of his eyes and mouth and ears.. Janey took her knife out of her boot and in a swift motion stuck it in his head… She penetrated his brain true his eye socket. The crunchy sound made Alice want to throw up. The little water that she drank on that day was about to make it’s way back.. “Would you rather he comes back?”  Janey spat on the floor.. Whipped her knife on the clothes of the dead guy and took his boots and weapons. She stripped him of his jacket . She put it on Alice. “You will be happy we found this tonight!”The jacket smelled like urine and the yellow powder.. it didn’thelped Alice with the nausea that got a hold on her.. “We don’t touch that junk, Janey made a motion towards dead guy.. “ We don’t know how or if we can catch that shit. Wow, Alice almost made a sarcastic remark about the number of words Janey used but she knew better. The last night was enough to make her flinch. Janey founds some vodka in a old store and Alice never saw her like that. She had a evil glint in her eyes…   The spanking that followed was not hot just terrible painful. Janey used a belt and with each hit she left red marks on the white skin on Alice’s behind..Her skin broke and the red blood spilled mixing up with the decay leather … Alice tried to stay clean… unlikely  Janey, she at least tried. After turning her back into a drawing board for her sadistic side, Janey pulled some vodka on it and with a laugh she said, “You are going to be ok, little bitch!”Then she made Alice swallow a few sips of the stuff.. it made her dizzy  and today her head was booming. She could not remember what happened after, just that she dreamed again of cutting Janey to pieces and eating her heart. But judging by Janey’s smile, she had a good time. Just the pain in her throbbing asshole told Alice what probably happened next.. “You are not death. You need her…this became Alice’s mantra..Janey was the smaller evil out there. She could become a sex slave and have other men and women fuck her 24/7…That wouldn’t be funny …Most of this poor  creatures died in a few days. Janey took her away from her mother when that wanted to sell her for yellow powder. Alice’s mother was a addict..She tried to go by selling her body, but when that terrible looking man came with the yellow powder and she had a try, she was hoocked. Alice had it once…it is how they say it is ..It gives you sunshine. You get to dream of the warm sun and feel it on your skin. Everything around you is perfect. You are free of pain and fear. Who wouldn’t want that. The yellow powder keeps you hoocked…Janey took me away. I still remember how it burned in my veins. I wanted it again. Janey loved me in her own sick way. She was strong, a fighter, I was soft but not weak.. Hey, bae!That was Janey pulling my hand and making me run. Alice wasn’t sure where they go… “You have to pay attention!!”
Janey and Alice thumbled true the window of a basement. They landed hard but there was a old mattress on the floor that took some of the edge off.. When the air started to smell like burned rubber the Crows where around. You didn’t wanted to meet the Crows. No one ever survived to talk about it. Janey and Alice pressed themselves to the floor triyng to calm their heartbeat. The danger was still there, the air started to be heavy to breath. There was no way you could avoid the crows, all you could hope was that they where not after you. The crows preferred children  but they would eat anything and everything with a heartbeat. Their claws and masks and those eyes, the long cloacks in black that gave them the names…The crows where not human but there where rumours that they could read minds and hear if someone was around and alive. Janey put her arm over Alice and they huddled close. The contact was nice. At some point they drifted off. Both where hungry and tired. Janey sold Alice a dream.

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