The most anticipated new heroine, Nurse Alissa!

Scott M. Baker is teasing us with his new Zombie series for so long.

“I was writing about a real person in a real situation”.. said Scott Baker when we talked.

And after reading Nurse Alissa vs The Zombies I had to agree with him. She’s this awesome woman that has normal problems and a normal life.

If you are bored of heroes that kill 50 people with their bare hands than Nurse Alissa is your girl.

She’s real! She’s scared, she wants to survive.

Check out the book, it will be released on May 1st!

      It should have been a normal hospital shift for nurse Alissa.
   The 30sh something experienced nurse was not easy to shock. There wasn’t much she has not seen before…. Until now!
      When patients with minor bite wounds died, reanimated and started hunt the living her shift turned from normal into a fight for her life. 
    Will she be able to escape the hospital? 
   And then what? 
    The streets are a picture of doom… Finding a way to reach her ex husbands cabin sounds like a good idea. 
  Join nurse Alissa on her quest!

The cover is created by Christian Bentulan.

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