Diary of a first time writer

I could easily fill a page with all the reasons to not write.. But you know something, fuck it. I know the market, I am a good promoter and I know how to build a world and create a beautiful intriguing story.. Why not write and publish myself?

As some of you know I finally decided to write down some ideas.. Everything started with me picking up a story I started in 2017..the idea was of a young woman surviving in a post apocalyptic world that is dark and cold, ruled by a sun that is diyng.. However, after a few of you guys read it and called it “The road, only with more sex and lesbians” I started writing on the sequel… The sequel is at about 30 k words and will probably get to 50 k.. It was a huge change for me to switch from narrating in first person to 3 rd person.. And last week I had other ideas.. Maybe I got a bit suffocated by my Broken Sun world.. And I made a bet with my buddy Tom Williamson that I will write a 40 k draft in one week for this fantasy /paranormal romance story that was plaguing me and distracting me from Alice and her evolution as savior of humanity… I reached about 20 k with this new project, but if I keep the pace I have today I’ll be probably cracking 40 k until Saturday..