Alice in dystopia, my first book is published

      #3 bestseller in LGBT Fantasy

   Get my debut novel, a ballad of darkness, lust and mislead passion in a apocalyptic world!

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    Alice is broken, like the world around her, like Janey..
    In a World where monsters are real and you can easily become their next meal Alice and her lover Janey try to find safely.

Alice is broken, beaten, used

is looking for beauty and hope in a world that is cold, hard, dark and feeding on blood ..

Janey treats Alice more like her sex slave than a lover.. For Alice Janey is the lesser evil.

The Crows and the Deaders make hunt on the remaining humans.. A warm beautiful soul like Alice is a beacon of light in the ocean of pain and darkness..
  No one knows how far the power of the Crows is reaching and no one who met them survived to talk about it.. Except Jonah…
What are Jonahs intentions? Will he  rise as a Crow after bathing in blood?

A new type of Zombie

The Inherited Gene – The Awakening by H.D. Wilburn

One woman, a dog & a horse in a post-apocalypse tale with a difference.

A fantastic story of a young woman surviving in a world post-infection. Not your usual fare in a genre that seems to follow a well-trodden & sometimes predictable path. Elsie is not your usual rough, tough hero although she can look after herself. She has her faults, she has her issues but she cares for all her I’d rather be alone attitude. There’s more to Elsie than you can imagine and this novel explores her state of mind and what drives her. There’s plenty of action and a few surprises along the way as Elsie tries to figure what the strange urge that is drawing her somewhere is. She feels better in the company & protection of her animals but there’s human relations along the way that add mystery and intrigue as she heads for her unknown destination. The scenery is beautifully descriptive and you actually feel you know the places she’s travelling through. A fantastic story, a hugely believable character and a fabulous twist. Not your usual post-apocalypse story and that’s what makes it a great read. Can’t wait to read the next instalment.

The Inherited Gene – Inner Turmoil by H.D. Wilburn

Elsie & Wolf are the new Dynamic Duo. Fabulous follow-up

Utterly compelling and thoroughly enjoyable follow up to the first book in this series (The Inherited Gene – Awakening). This sees Elsie going through changes, not just physically but mentally too. The parasite didn’t simply infect Elsie, it’s done more than that. It’s turned Elsie into a literal killing machine, one that seems to be fighting for control of Elsie. There’s complications coming along that’s going to challenge Elsie both physically, mentally and emotionally as she comes to terms with her inner turmoil. This is a fabulous story and certainly something different to the usual fare in this genre. HD Wilburn can certainly spin a tale and keep you hooked from beginning to end with believable characters, almost photographic representations of the scenery and locations and enough blood and gore for even the most bloodthirsty of fans in this genre. If you’re unfamiliar with the works of HD Wilburn then I recommend you give this series a read, novel, exciting and cover to cover a thoroughly enjoyable read. I personally can’t wait for the next instalment.

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