Alice in dystopia, my first book is published

      #3 bestseller in LGBT Fantasy

   Get my debut novel, a ballad of darkness, lust and mislead passion in a apocalyptic world!

   Available on Kindle unlimited!

    Alice is broken, like the world around her, like Janey..
    In a World where monsters are real and you can easily become their next meal Alice and her lover Janey try to find safely.

Alice is broken, beaten, used

is looking for beauty and hope in a world that is cold, hard, dark and feeding on blood ..

Janey treats Alice more like her sex slave than a lover.. For Alice Janey is the lesser evil.

The Crows and the Deaders make hunt on the remaining humans.. A warm beautiful soul like Alice is a beacon of light in the ocean of pain and darkness..
  No one knows how far the power of the Crows is reaching and no one who met them survived to talk about it.. Except Jonah…
What are Jonahs intentions? Will he  rise as a Crow after bathing in blood?

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