Alice in dystopia, my first book is published

      #3 bestseller in LGBT Fantasy

   Get my debut novel, a ballad of darkness, lust and mislead passion in a apocalyptic world!

   Available on Kindle unlimited!

    Alice is broken, like the world around her, like Janey..
    In a World where monsters are real and you can easily become their next meal Alice and her lover Janey try to find safely.

Alice is broken, beaten, used

is looking for beauty and hope in a world that is cold, hard, dark and feeding on blood ..

Janey treats Alice more like her sex slave than a lover.. For Alice Janey is the lesser evil.

The Crows and the Deaders make hunt on the remaining humans.. A warm beautiful soul like Alice is a beacon of light in the ocean of pain and darkness..
  No one knows how far the power of the Crows is reaching and no one who met them survived to talk about it.. Except Jonah…
What are Jonahs intentions? Will he  rise as a Crow after bathing in blood?

A new type of Zombie

The Inherited Gene – The Awakening by H.D. Wilburn

One woman, a dog & a horse in a post-apocalypse tale with a difference.

A fantastic story of a young woman surviving in a world post-infection. Not your usual fare in a genre that seems to follow a well-trodden & sometimes predictable path. Elsie is not your usual rough, tough hero although she can look after herself. She has her faults, she has her issues but she cares for all her I’d rather be alone attitude. There’s more to Elsie than you can imagine and this novel explores her state of mind and what drives her. There’s plenty of action and a few surprises along the way as Elsie tries to figure what the strange urge that is drawing her somewhere is. She feels better in the company & protection of her animals but there’s human relations along the way that add mystery and intrigue as she heads for her unknown destination. The scenery is beautifully descriptive and you actually feel you know the places she’s travelling through. A fantastic story, a hugely believable character and a fabulous twist. Not your usual post-apocalypse story and that’s what makes it a great read. Can’t wait to read the next instalment.

The Inherited Gene – Inner Turmoil by H.D. Wilburn

Elsie & Wolf are the new Dynamic Duo. Fabulous follow-up

Utterly compelling and thoroughly enjoyable follow up to the first book in this series (The Inherited Gene – Awakening). This sees Elsie going through changes, not just physically but mentally too. The parasite didn’t simply infect Elsie, it’s done more than that. It’s turned Elsie into a literal killing machine, one that seems to be fighting for control of Elsie. There’s complications coming along that’s going to challenge Elsie both physically, mentally and emotionally as she comes to terms with her inner turmoil. This is a fabulous story and certainly something different to the usual fare in this genre. HD Wilburn can certainly spin a tale and keep you hooked from beginning to end with believable characters, almost photographic representations of the scenery and locations and enough blood and gore for even the most bloodthirsty of fans in this genre. If you’re unfamiliar with the works of HD Wilburn then I recommend you give this series a read, novel, exciting and cover to cover a thoroughly enjoyable read. I personally can’t wait for the next instalment.

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Diary of a first time writer

I could easily fill a page with all the reasons to not write.. But you know something, fuck it. I know the market, I am a good promoter and I know how to build a world and create a beautiful intriguing story.. Why not write and publish myself?

As some of you know I finally decided to write down some ideas.. Everything started with me picking up a story I started in 2017..the idea was of a young woman surviving in a post apocalyptic world that is dark and cold, ruled by a sun that is diyng.. However, after a few of you guys read it and called it “The road, only with more sex and lesbians” I started writing on the sequel… The sequel is at about 30 k words and will probably get to 50 k.. It was a huge change for me to switch from narrating in first person to 3 rd person.. And last week I had other ideas.. Maybe I got a bit suffocated by my Broken Sun world.. And I made a bet with my buddy Tom Williamson that I will write a 40 k draft in one week for this fantasy /paranormal romance story that was plaguing me and distracting me from Alice and her evolution as savior of humanity… I reached about 20 k with this new project, but if I keep the pace I have today I’ll be probably cracking 40 k until Saturday..

The most anticipated new heroine, Nurse Alissa!

Scott M. Baker is teasing us with his new Zombie series for so long.

“I was writing about a real person in a real situation”.. said Scott Baker when we talked.

And after reading Nurse Alissa vs The Zombies I had to agree with him. She’s this awesome woman that has normal problems and a normal life.

If you are bored of heroes that kill 50 people with their bare hands than Nurse Alissa is your girl.

She’s real! She’s scared, she wants to survive.

Check out the book, it will be released on May 1st!

      It should have been a normal hospital shift for nurse Alissa.
   The 30sh something experienced nurse was not easy to shock. There wasn’t much she has not seen before…. Until now!
      When patients with minor bite wounds died, reanimated and started hunt the living her shift turned from normal into a fight for her life. 
    Will she be able to escape the hospital? 
   And then what? 
    The streets are a picture of doom… Finding a way to reach her ex husbands cabin sounds like a good idea. 
  Join nurse Alissa on her quest!

The cover is created by Christian Bentulan.

Broken Sun Chapter 1

This is a orginal work. All right belong to me. I decided to start sharing my novel with my readers. It is unedited. Enjoy!

Broken Sun

by Alina Ionescu (Giuchici)

Chapter 1

 The sun was just a small dot on the sky…not much to look at anymore…gone was the force that could build and destroy entire worlds…lost was the heat that warmed the human heart during the beautiful summer months…  It was just absent …the void was like a frozen burning presence ..the absence had the same could erase the last few humans just by the lack of presence..when the strong northern winds cleared the polluted grey in grey sky from the impenetrable mass of clouds the still living could see a small golden if the ghost of the dead sun tried to shine on them and give them one more day of warmth and hope..”If you stare at it, it won’t come back!” Janie was a rough woman, she was a survivor, always ready to do what was necessary…devoted to our search of food and shelter…her skin was covered by a crust of dirt could not tell what color that skin was…not that it mattered in this new world..because black and white alike..we where all cold and hungry, in a constant search of something…The Sun that decided long ago to to collapse a castle of play cards left us all wanting for what our ancestors called the basics of life…there where wars, famine…disease…and now left are just a few of us…cold..always cold…i don’t remember when or if i ever felt warm… I rubbed my dirty hands together trying to push some life energy in my fingers that felt like dry twigs.Janie kicks me in the ribbs, hard…i know she doesn’t mean it to be that painful still it is… but she is the one that keeps us safe and going …i think that without her i would search for a place and lie down..sleep …freeze…i am not sure. i look for beauty, i still remember the lovely face of my gorgeous mother…there is no beauty left in this dry and frozen world…just ashes, with every breath I just take another step towards death, and another, as if a dark void awaits me, ready to swallow me hole, body and what is left of my crippled soul..”Stop ya dreaming!” Comes Janies voice…i look at her..she would not be ugly…but the lines on her face , the dirt that cakes her hair and the numerous layers of clothing that she wears and our gear …everything makes her look older..and sad. Janie exists, that’s what she does best.I stand up..Janie is right. I start to fall into step with her…not to slow but not fast either…we try to go unnoticed…you don’t want the crows to pick on you …or the deaders…We saw them once…the crows…they all whear masks because they are from high toxic areas and can’t breath here anymore…they are almost skeletal in appearance and their fingers are like…claws…they caught that poor woman..her baby was screaming …Janey had to throw me down and keep her hand over my mouth because otherwise i would have screamed too..i wanted to help ..not realizing how powerless i was… My tears rolled down on her fingers and she had to lay on top of me to cover up my sobs.They where 5, the crows travel in group of five..always…the blades where gleaming in the light of the fire… one stab..another…and they started cutting pieces from her legs…she was still allive..screaming….begging …one of the crows took her was a tinny thing…ragged with malnutrition ..i had the feeling it looked me in the eyes…it had huge eyes, like a old tea saucer that i once saw in a picture…magazines was what Jacob called them. The baby was wrapped in old dirty rags, it had no real chance to make it in this life.The saucer eyes baby looked at me the moment when the crow using his claws just broke the skin on its neck. The Crow moved slowly, inhaling the scent of the fresh blood, tasting it from their claws as if it was a delicious vintage..One Crow raised its mask to show a terrible malformation of the mouth that made it look like a asshole with teeth…and it sucked on the blood… a long tongue with small fangs on it started ripping off …saucer eyes died fast …the others left the screaming mother and joined in the eating of the baby…They picked it clean…all that was left was a carcass. bones and the huge saucer eyes…they where not that hungry and the mother was a far bigger meal…they where not bothered by the huge eyes and the long lashes…they did not closed…they still look at me every time when i blink…I am such a coward…but Janie is right, each human that is left has to take care of itself, what was that baby to me? I know what it was, the source for my waking nightmares, the chills that go true to my heart …we are not human anymore…we are something else…not dead nor alive ..just there…producing our CO2 and scavenging …JONAHHe knew the story of the one with the same name as his that was trapped in a whale…he felt that way too…trapped …never to escape the stench of death and decay…cursed to wander a world that was painted in shades of grey and beige …ash and earth …fire and life …cold and nothing.Nobody knew exactly what happened…or they stopped carrying because the immediate needs of life ..of surviving where stronger.JONAH could not remember his age ..or his parents. His joint’s hurt and there was not much hair left on his scalp. He started scratching the dirty skin under his old ragged hat…he found that hat. It would not make him feel really warm but it was better…it helped him blend in. He was a small grey beige moving form in a grey beige world of nightmares.He wasn’t afraid of the crows…he killed one that time…or maybe it was just a dream. His gleaming long blade covered in green puss and black drips of blood. The mask of that thing ripped away from its ugly features…if this was once human it has not much resemblance to anything he knew…He was scared of what became of the world .He was scared of the humanity..JONAH allowed the name to melt on his tongue …slow a delicious bitter bite of pure poison. Crows. It was a name the human gave those creatures, but that was all they had, a name for the boogie man that was very real in this nightmarish reality.Nobody knew exactly what they are, the crows…they even tried to avoid calling them anything, because naming it was making it real …no one ever met one and lived to talk about it. Being taken by The crows was like a curse he tried to avoid.All he knew that They can take your body …posses your soul and make you do things…serve them. There where stories that went true the camp that he called home during his childhood…a tentative at building up civilization…people huddling up together against the cold . Against the fear of being alone . They failed…you can’t build life out of this . The leftovers of this world where Poisson. You can’t turn dirt and a hollow fear into love and beauty . There was no space for that in the soul of the few people left…But The crows came to him into his dreams …long before he left that bloodbath that was the camp. He was warm. How could a cold skinny body produce blood that was so hot and intoxicating sweet. Thinking about it his lips went dry.. .his pale blue grey eyes looked at the ugly boots …covered in skin and small pieces of bones and human feces…the stench was everywhere..inside his brain. Like wasabi…you don’t feel it in your mouth but in the back of your head …inside your brain.

A fragment from my first novel… Not published yet. Broken Sun

I decided to share a small fragment from my first ever novel. It’s not edited yet, so please be kind.

There’s a fresh body on the sidewalk….Janey made Alice eat dead flesh a few times. It wasn’t that bad..   

    They where not cannibals, they would not kill people for flesh like the deaders that would feed on the fear and the blood of the victim but if they found a available body that was not long dead, they would make a feast out of the flesh from the chest and legs.. Janey kicked the man’s body. He was there, in full armour. He didn’t moved …not at all.  She turned him around. His eyes where yellow and  something that looked like a yellow fungus would grow out of his eyes and mouth and ears.. Janey took her knife out of her boot and in a swift motion stuck it in his head… She penetrated his brain true his eye socket. The crunchy sound made Alice want to throw up. The little water that she drank on that day was about to make it’s way back.. “Would you rather he comes back?”  Janey spat on the floor.. Whipped her knife on the clothes of the dead guy and took his boots and weapons. She stripped him of his jacket . She put it on Alice. “You will be happy we found this tonight!”The jacket smelled like urine and the yellow powder.. it didn’thelped Alice with the nausea that got a hold on her.. “We don’t touch that junk, Janey made a motion towards dead guy.. “ We don’t know how or if we can catch that shit. Wow, Alice almost made a sarcastic remark about the number of words Janey used but she knew better. The last night was enough to make her flinch. Janey founds some vodka in a old store and Alice never saw her like that. She had a evil glint in her eyes…   The spanking that followed was not hot just terrible painful. Janey used a belt and with each hit she left red marks on the white skin on Alice’s behind..Her skin broke and the red blood spilled mixing up with the decay leather … Alice tried to stay clean… unlikely  Janey, she at least tried. After turning her back into a drawing board for her sadistic side, Janey pulled some vodka on it and with a laugh she said, “You are going to be ok, little bitch!”Then she made Alice swallow a few sips of the stuff.. it made her dizzy  and today her head was booming. She could not remember what happened after, just that she dreamed again of cutting Janey to pieces and eating her heart. But judging by Janey’s smile, she had a good time. Just the pain in her throbbing asshole told Alice what probably happened next.. “You are not death. You need her…this became Alice’s mantra..Janey was the smaller evil out there. She could become a sex slave and have other men and women fuck her 24/7…That wouldn’t be funny …Most of this poor  creatures died in a few days. Janey took her away from her mother when that wanted to sell her for yellow powder. Alice’s mother was a addict..She tried to go by selling her body, but when that terrible looking man came with the yellow powder and she had a try, she was hoocked. Alice had it once…it is how they say it is ..It gives you sunshine. You get to dream of the warm sun and feel it on your skin. Everything around you is perfect. You are free of pain and fear. Who wouldn’t want that. The yellow powder keeps you hoocked…Janey took me away. I still remember how it burned in my veins. I wanted it again. Janey loved me in her own sick way. She was strong, a fighter, I was soft but not weak.. Hey, bae!That was Janey pulling my hand and making me run. Alice wasn’t sure where they go… “You have to pay attention!!”
Janey and Alice thumbled true the window of a basement. They landed hard but there was a old mattress on the floor that took some of the edge off.. When the air started to smell like burned rubber the Crows where around. You didn’t wanted to meet the Crows. No one ever survived to talk about it. Janey and Alice pressed themselves to the floor triyng to calm their heartbeat. The danger was still there, the air started to be heavy to breath. There was no way you could avoid the crows, all you could hope was that they where not after you. The crows preferred children  but they would eat anything and everything with a heartbeat. Their claws and masks and those eyes, the long cloacks in black that gave them the names…The crows where not human but there where rumours that they could read minds and hear if someone was around and alive. Janey put her arm over Alice and they huddled close. The contact was nice. At some point they drifted off. Both where hungry and tired. Janey sold Alice a dream.

The black rain and the curse, a dark apocalyptic universe by Mark Gillespie

  My literary taste is diverse. At the moment I find myself thorne between beta reading for my good friend Scott Baker and the apocalyptic stories by Mark Gillespie.
I will speak a bit about Mark Gillespies work. Please excuse spoilers and my ideas jumping around from one story to another.
I was intrigued by The Curse because each time a story starts with a society segregated based on sexes, it sounds like a fun read.. So, you have this few hundred women living in New York, a dystopia place, guarding Helen…
The author picks up the legend of Helen of Troy, the woman that started wars.
So, there’s Helen, and the curse.. The ladies from New York say that if a man has intercourse with Helen he will die because of the curse.. On the other hand, Helen has great PR. She’s the most beautiful woman in the world, worth diyng for!!!
Let me tell you that there’s no shortage of men that are willing to try their luck..

Eda on the other hand is a young woman that enjoys reading and walking around the empty city.. She’s curious about the world, about what is left there after the big war, The End War, the war that ended them all..
The story is sucking you in, it’s seductive like Helen..  I found myself rooting for Eda, hoping that she will be escaping and that she will find her way and happiness.. But what brings you happiness in a post apocalyptic world where only a few people survived???
On the other side, Black Fever is more toward horror.. The type of horror that plays a bit with your mind, and that you can’t fight.. The Black widow is this enigmatic figure without a facial expression that plays with the deepest fears of people pushing them to suicide… I am in love with the fear and darkness of the story.. Reading more!
If I won’t say more, I am lost in the darkness of the black rain…
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After the end trilogy by Mark Gillespie

10 reasons to love Shattered World

  1. It’s a apocalyptic story with a fresh new approach to the end of the world thing
  2. There are shapeshifter hell hounds names Lilith and Lucifer that fight on the side of the good guys.
  3. Jason has a crush on a older chick that’s smooching hot, Sasha
  4. We get to read about a love triangle
  5. There are frigging pus zombies!!!
  6. Soul vampire vomit acid
  7. Jason is a psychic and can feel the aura of the Demon spawn
  8. There aresome incredibly creatures that scared the shhht out of me
  9. The characters are very beautiful written, they have layers and depth
  10. Read it, you are going to love it!!!
  11. It’s on Kindle unlimited!!!

Taylor Grant, a interview with a visionary artist

I had the pleasure to ask the creative soul from Web Toon a few questions.. Taylor Grant, a modern renaissance man !

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1.Tell me a little bit about the making of a comic for Webtoon. (please feel free to elaborate)

Well, I’m a big fan of author Jonathan Maberry, as well as his zombie series Rot & Ruin, so adapting it into a comic for Webtoon is definitely a dream project for me.

Of course, like all creative projects, it hasn’t been without its challenges.  While the novel is filled with amazing backstory and incredible world building, the pacing of a Webtoon comic is much different than a novel—and comic reader’s expectations are different.  In fact, the narrative format (a vertical scrolling format designed specifically or phones and tablets) is quite different even from print comics. So, there was definitely a learning curve to a Webtoon comic’s structure, pacing and format.

I also factored in that this particular platform (in the US) doesn’t offer a lot of this genre.  So, I had discussions with David Lee, Head of Content at Webtoon, on how far to push the horror right out of the gate. I did my best to amp up the emotional and relationship story elements right away, as these are aspects that really resonate with Webtoon readers.

In other words, there was a lot of thought on the best way to tell this story for this particular audience, while staying true to the original novel’s plot, characters, and of course, the spirit of the book.  I’m happy to report that the launch was a smashing success.  In our first week online, we are pushing near 200,000 subscribers. That’s incredible engagement for any web comic in its first week online, much less a horror comic. 

2.Who’s your favorite character from Rot & Ruin?

Tom Imura, the older brother of the protagonist, Benny Imura. Tom is patient, caring, trustworthy, and quietly confident. At the risk of sounding terribly pretentious or grandiose, these truly are qualities I admire in others and strive for in myself. But let’s face it, Tom is also a trained swordsman, bounty hunter and zombie killer—so I’ll leave all the badassery for him. 

3. Is there a comic book character that influenced your decision to work in this creative area?

Absolutely. I own a complete 45-year run of Captain America, starting from issue #100, published in 1968. I suppose my admiration of Cap really drove my love of the medium as a kid (though I own over 50,000 comics in my collection, so my interest in the medium spans many genres, not just superheroes).

Cap is the guy you know you can trust- who always has your back.  Sure, I love darker characters like Batman, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, and the Punisher—but with Cap you always know where you stand. You know at heart, he’s a selfless man who wouldn’t hesitate to jump on a grenade to save a stranger. In fact, I’d say he some of the traits of Tom Imura as well.

4.If you could talk to any author dead or alive who would you pick?

Rod Serling. If only to thank him for inspiring me to become a storyteller. There is no question his work (The Twilight Zone, The Night Gallery—even the original Planet of the Apes, which few realize he co-wrote) had the single greatest impact on me growing up.

I admire that Serling explored the darkest aspects of humanity with a grand imagination and an earnest social conscience. It is obvious in his work that he cared deeply about the plight of his fellow man. And in my own small way, I have tried to keep some of that alive in my own fiction.

5.Your own writing style is dark and mysterious, leaving a lot of open questions, do you ever consider turning some of your short stories into novels?

Currently, I run the film/television division of Webtoon. I have always been wired for writing for the screen. However, I grew up reading novels and short stories, and have a deep affinity for the short form. Growing up, I loved reading the short fiction of greats like Richard Matheson, William F. Nolan, Stephen King, George R.R. Martin, Ray Bradbury, and more.

For the larger part of my career, 95% of my ideas were either for a film or a short story—and almost nothing in between. But that has changed the past couple of years. In fact, I just signed a contract (literally today) with a wonderful publisher for my first novella called The Many Deaths of Cole Parker.

It’s a horror fantasy with a sci-fi twist and will be published in either September or October, 2020.  You can check out my website at for updates.
I also have a novel called Middle of Nowhere that’s been in the works for quite some time. It’s a dark suspense thriller that dances on the edges of horror. Depending on who reads it, some might say it’s a psychological thriller, some might suggest its psychological horror. I’ll let readers decide.

I believe The Many Deaths of Cole Parker is the best thing I’ve ever written. I hope my readers agree.

6. What is the first horror movie you ever watched? And how did it influence your creative self?

Well, the first horror film I ever saw was on TV when I was 5 years old. It was the original black and white Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney.  My mom teased me about it for years.  Apparently, I didn’t want to leave her side, and fell asleep on the floor next to her—with my hands literally cupped over my ears.  You see, it wasn’t the visuals that scared me as much as the MUSIC. That haunting score! Ha ha.

I have vague memories of seeing a Vincent Price double feature The Masque of Red Death and The Abominable. Dr. Phibes at a drive-in theater at a very young age Those lavish technicolor images are still burned indelibly into my brain.

But it was watching Ridley Scott’s Alien during its first run in the theater that was life-changing for me.  While all of my friends were fascinated by Star Wars or Star Trek (which I also loved, of course), I was completely OBSESSED with Alien.  I saw it something like 9 times in the theater during its first run. I was still underage for an R-rated movie, so I literally rode my bike to the theater every weekend (you have to remember that movies stayed in theaters up to six months back then) and BEGGED strangers to buy a ticket for me.  While the movie terrified me, I just couldn’t get enough of it.  I bought every magazine that even mentioned it for the next couple of years.

That film’s brilliant merging of sci-fi and horror is now part of my DNA.  In fact, if you read through my horror short stories, I’d say that probably 25% of them have some sort of sci-fi element.

7. A cliche question, do you have a favorite monster?

See above.  Ha ha.

8. This being mostly a zombie lit related page, here’s the Zombie question. Do you prefer the idea of the slow shuffling zombie or the fast ravenous infected?

I suppose the purists won’t agree, but I actually prefer the fast, ravenous infected.  Now, hold on, before you get all judgy.  I have loved the slow-moving zombies all the way back to 1943’s I Walked with a Zombie from Val Lewton, through George Romero’s oeuvre, and straight into Robert Kirkman and Jonathan Maberry’s zombie universes. They are classic, wonderful, and a huge part of horror history. But something about the fast-moving ones is just so much more terrifying to me, so much more unpredictable. So, for that reason, I have to give them the edge.

Interview with author Scott M Baker

1. When did you become fascinated by vampires?
I’ve been fascinated with vampires most of my life. My mother loved horror movies, so I grew up watching the old Universal and Hammer horror movies. I’ve always been intrigued by the dynamic between Peter Cushing as van Helsing and Christopher Lee as Dracula; they were more like action movies than straight vampire films. Peter Cushing running along a table to tear down the curtains in front of Dracula or jumping on a burning windmill to turn the blades into the shape of a cross to kill the vampire. When you watch that as a ten-year-old it has a huge impact on you.

2. Why did you choose to write about classic dark vampires?
When I started writing The Vampire Hunters trilogy there were not many contemporary bad-ass vampires in bookstores. Vampires were more sympathetic and human, like in Anne Rice’s or Stephanie Meyer’s books or the True Blood series. I figured there were many fans out there who felt the same way I did, so I decided to write the type of vampire book I wanted to read.
One thing I wanted to do was develop my dark vampires. In most books/movies, they are two-dimensional characters, creatures there only to be destroyed. That’s why I created two vampires – the bad-ass monster types that kill to feed (snuffies) and the masters. My masters can take human form and are driven by their emotions and experiences. Each has their own backstory about how they were turned and how that impacted their vampiric future. Each has their own motivations for why they want to take over then planet. Rather than just monsters, my vampires are protagonists.

3. What’s your favorite vampire story?
30 Days of Night. It’s so dark and the vampires are so feral the movie is visceral. I’m not sure what scene clinched it for me: the battle with the child vampire or the scene when the young woman being used as bait pleads to God for help and Marlowe looks to the sky, back to the woman, and says “No God.” 

4. Favorite vampire TV show, and did you watch V Wars (opinions on it)?
My favorite vampire TV show is Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon is one of the best writers around. His plots are intricate and his characters perfectly developed. I was blown away by the Season Two finale. I also admire the way he can blend horror and heart-breaking decisions with humor and make it work. Buffy had a major influence on how I wrote The Vampire Hunters.
I did watch V Wars. Twice, which says a lot since I rarely watch an entire season of a TV more than once. I loved the concept that the vampires are infected and could possibly be cured, which makes them not just creatures of the night to be eliminated. I’ve read the graphic novel and am about to read the novel so I can compare them. My only criticism is that not all of us who worked for the government and evil. Having said that, however, Calix Niklos has made my top three bad guys list (right behind Hannibal Lector and Hans Gruber).

5. If you could do a dream cast for The Vampire Hunters who would be in it?
Nathan Fillion would make the perfect Drake; I wrote the character imagining him in the role (although the iced coffee drinking, whiskey swilling, cigar smoking wise ass with a pet rabbit is me living precariously through my character). As for the other characters, I haven’t put a lot of thought into it but, if given my choice, I would choose Scarlett Johansen as Alison Monroe, Peter Sarsgaard and Arabella Morton as the vampires Ion Zielenska and Antoinette Varela, and Brent Spiner as Dr. Reese from Salem State.  I’m not sure who I would pick to play Jim Delmarco.

6. Would you like to be turned into a vampire?
I’m not sure. I would never willingly be turned if I had to live as feral vampire unable to blend in with humans. As I get older, there is a part of me that is attracted to the aspect of eternal youth and of letting my instincts and passions take control over morality and reason. And who can say no to an unsatiated sex drive? If I could be a vampire who can control his urges, like Eric Northman or Michael Fayne, then I would say yes.

7. If you could pick one vampire book to live in, which one would you pick?
Tough choice, but I would have to go with the Brian Lumley books. Intelligence agencies battle vampires controlled by the former Soviet Union as part of Cold War politics. It’s almost as if he wrote those books with me in mind.

8. What are your vampire must read books for your fans?
Two of my favorite vampire series are Brian Lumley’s Necroscope series and Guillermo del Toro’s and Chuck Hogan’s The Strain trilogy. Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot is a classic. Three books with interesting takes on the genre are V Wars by Jonathon Maberry, Vampire$ by John Steakley, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith. A unique novel is Roses of Blood on Barbwire Vines by D.L. Snell which is about vampires and zombies battling over the few remaining humans left in a post-apocalyptic world. And, of course, the vampire novels of Rhiannon Frater and Laurell K. Hamilton.

9. If you could talk to any author dead or alive who would you choose and why?
I’ve been very fortunate to have met and chatted with many contemporary writers and have become friends with several of them. I would choose the one who I have not met and who had the greatest on my life: Graham Masterton because he was the one whop got my hooked on modern horror. When I was a kid, I read the classics – Wells, Verne, Poe, Shelley, Stoker. When I was ten, my mother bought me The Manitou for Christmas. It was the goriest and most intriguing novel I had ever read up to that moment and got me hooked on modern horror. The Manitou was once of the influences that made me want to be a horror writer.

Did you love Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Is action horror your thing? Did you miss vicious vampire masters that can be turned to dust with a stake? How about a action hero with a snarky attitude? Meet Drake Matthews a real life vampire hunter . Drake got lucky until now, especially because he has his partner Alison Monroe to watch his ass.. The fact that he has a cute… Everything and that Alison has a not so secret crush on him doesn’t hurt either. The action scenes are very realistic and the fact that the story actually takes place in the early 2000s will make you remember how it was when connecting your computer to the internet took long enough to get a coffee…