Mark Tufo, the Godfather of indie zompoc

Please forgive me if I sound less like The Zombie Queen and more like a fan girl, but when I start talking about Mark Tufo I am a fan! Zombie Fallout was the first zombie series that I picked up totally by accident and I was in love with the genre. Mark Tufo has such a incredible style and humor in describing the Zombie apocalypse, you have to love it and laugh with tears sometimes. The moment when his main character stepped into dog poop, but still saves Henry, the dog that we all end up loving and caring for during the series, I knew that I will buy each and every book and read it. Someone said the Mark Tufo is like The Goodfather of indie zompoc, and I like the sound of it. But we can’t reduce Mark to Zombie lit only, he has a awesome Scifi series called Indian hill and his new series Demon Fallout and Lycan Fallout are breaching the limit between indie horror and classic dark fantasy. OK, I fangirled enough. Grab a Mark Tufo book, now!!!

Ricky Fleet the creator of the Hellspawn series

I started reading Hellspawn a few years ago. And while English is not my first language, expressions like “rat arsed” used to be way above my understanding. This remains a joke with Ricky Fleet.. I love this series, why do I love it? Because Ricky Fleet writes about normal people in the Zombie apocalypse. He uses slow Romero type zombies, and each story is a step into a new captivating universe. Check it out!

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Looking forward to read Sue Oldhams stories

Picture this: you’re sitting in a bar minding your own business, having a quiet drink or two, when trouble steps in off the street. A shambling wreck stumbles over the threshold, bloodied clothes torn, muttering incoherently. Just another idiot who doesn’t know when enough is too much. You raise your glass, take another slug. It’s okay, security can handle it.

But then over by the juke box a woman screams, a man swears loudly. You look up to see the barman drop the pint he’s pouring and back off, pale and shivering. Maybe you should turn around and take a closer look…

Then the world goes crazy. Before you know it, you’re shoulder to shoulder with security, fighting a wave of undead. Someone throws you a cue – a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘killer pool.’ When it’s over, there’s only four of you left; you, two hard men and the terrified girl you find hiding beneath the corpse of her boyfriend.

So begins the story of a new kind of world; where the dead are far more ambulant than they should be, and the living must walk amongst them, fighting to survive.

More reading Zombie candy for your delight

The Plague 2: The Long Road

The Plague: Rise of the Dead

✯ (¨*¸.•´¸.•(✫¨* TORN APART SERIES ´¨✫)¸.•´¸.•´¨)✯

K.R. Griffiths “Wildfire Chronicles”. The storyline is based in the U.K. with seriously terrifying infected. First two books in the series are free

Zombie bytes

Haunted by the memory of a near death accident, the life of former paramedic Sarah Eichman wasn’t easy. But when the harsh reality of the apocalypse hit, coping with life’s ups and downs took on a new meaning. With the dead marching to consume the world, Sarah and her best friend rely on each other to survive. Not only must they fight their own fears, the risks presented by other survivors threaten to rip away their humanity.

Will they become something far worse than the monsters they face or will their actions guarantee a better future? Guided by fear and strengthened by courage, these two friends will fight against the odds…or
die trying.

Summer Aldens

Army general Frank Philip’s 17 year old daughter Christina is infected when bit by a mosquito carrying a deadly virus while going swimming. As a result she’s sent into a coma. 
Frank makes a deal with a demon to bring her out of the coma. The demon has a price though. In exchange for waking Christina up, Frank must help him turn the town’s citizens into zombies. He agrees to do this. 
Enter college student Summer Aldens and her best friend Natalie Solomon. Along with Summer’s boyfriend Victor Masters, and teenage sister Marigold Aldens; Charity and Robert “Bobby” Bowman, whose husband and father military scientist Thomas has been infected; they must rely on each other if they are going to survive this; and prevent the demon’s plans. They are later joined by Ruby Charleston, and Megan and Guinevere Collars. 
This is just part of the horror, as Summer and Natalie find out about the demon. Chasing after it back to this world, Summer, Natalie, Ruby, Megan and Guinevere hope to find a weapon to destroy this demon.