Alice in dystopia, my first book is published

      #3 bestseller in LGBT Fantasy

   Get my debut novel, a ballad of darkness, lust and mislead passion in a apocalyptic world!

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    Alice is broken, like the world around her, like Janey..
    In a World where monsters are real and you can easily become their next meal Alice and her lover Janey try to find safely.

Alice is broken, beaten, used

is looking for beauty and hope in a world that is cold, hard, dark and feeding on blood ..

Janey treats Alice more like her sex slave than a lover.. For Alice Janey is the lesser evil.

The Crows and the Deaders make hunt on the remaining humans.. A warm beautiful soul like Alice is a beacon of light in the ocean of pain and darkness..
  No one knows how far the power of the Crows is reaching and no one who met them survived to talk about it.. Except Jonah…
What are Jonahs intentions? Will he  rise as a Crow after bathing in blood?

My review on The Commune


I was tempted by the awesome cover.. I enjoy spooking around on Amazon and picking up new books that open doors to new worlds of imagination.

The Commune by Charlie Dalton was my pick.. It’s the first book from the After the fall series.

I really love the feeling of this book.. They don’t focus on the predator, the rages, instead they focus on the survivors and on the way life goes on. The Rages are a type of Zombie. The story is places at about 15 after everything fell, how the title is hinting .. The new settlement is a commune.. The most basic for of human settlement.. I love that the author is focused on a group of friends that grew up in the new world. This is normal for them. The fight for survival and the fear of being killed or starve is normal to them.. When Jamie and his friends save a mysterious girl with her head shaved they suffer a big lost.. Make a sacrifice.. This story has a Scifi touch.. I won’t spoil it for you, I let you find out for yourself and I hope you will be as pleasant surprised as I was. I can’t wait to start reading the next book in the series. Pick it up now!

My thoughts on Broken Land

Summer is the perfect time to pick up new books, discover new authors, break the pattern and enjoy something awesome. I know that Jonathan Maberry is famous for the rest of the World but his work is relatively new to me and I am reading fast to catch up… If you scroll down you will not only find some of my opinions on Rot and Ruin but also a fascinating interview with the man himself.. So, back to business… I really love the fact that you can read Broken Lands as a standalone novel, still be warned, it will make you want to pick up Rot and Ruin… The main character, Gutsy is fascinating.. She is a problem solver, very mature and calm for her 15 years of age.. Probably children grow up faster in the apocalypse.. The story is starting under the empire of sadness and loss with Gutsy having to bury her mother… What I find fascinating here and also in the Rot&Ruin series is the different ways people deal with the Zombie. They are not just ravenous undead, but also shadows of family and friends.. Tom Imura believed in giving families closure… Gutsy respected her Mama’s catholic faith that mean she has to restraint the zombified body of her mother, put her in a shroud and let her go through purgatory…. Death becomes more about fulfilling the wishes and respecting the beliefs of the deceased…. A series of events are making Gutsy snap out of her sadness…. Pain and loss is replaced by anger and confusion .A problem solver will always ask why.. When she finds out that her entire town is a huge lab, and that they are all rats for experiments her need for closure and revenge reaches new heights… Together with her friends, the orphans Spider and Alethea and her dog Sombra, Gutsy puts the puzzle parts together and solves parts of the mystery… Another very sweet thing about this story is that in all the madness, loss and chaos, with the advancing Night army and the epic battle that followed, Gutsy still gets a kiss from the girl she has a crush on…. Only because the apocalypse is happening human feelings can’t be ignored…. And as she realizes during the fight, she’s a warrior, and every warrior needs a reason to fight and someone to come back to….

Rot and Ruin… My opinion about the end of the World

Rot and Ruin… The title sounds already foreboding.. The strong words cut into your brain and stay there, going deeper into the subconscious.. This will not be a review or synopsis, I think that there are enough out there.. I want to talk about what will stay with you after finishing the book.. It is marked as a YA novel but all age groups can find something fascinating within its pages.. Zombies and the risk of infection are a constant danger, but what’s life if you spend it being scared and always cautious… It’s a life on hold worth living? The main characters are teenagers, that are armed with curiosity and the crazy courage that are characteristics of their age… The story is opening in front of us like a beautiful tapestry rich in different characters and personalities… My heart was mostly with The Lost Girl, a beautiful young woman with extraordinary fighting skills that’s almost feral because she survived for years alone in the ruins… Out there where the zombies are not the worse threat.. Nix, a fighting fae type girl that lost everything and tries to find hope and herself..At the end the girls turn into women that are not easily impressed or scared of anything.. Theconflicted main character Ben Imura, a boy at the beginning of the story, and a young man at its end.. This is a book about finding your place in the world, fighting against all odds and not giving up when you think that you are lost. It’s a optimistic story, sprinkled with tears and loss.. A adventure that changes everything… The human soul is alive and in a constant process of evolution .. Everything we feel and live through puts a mark on our most inner self.. And change is not good or bad, it just is.. It happens.. Life happens… No fortress is ever that safe, no mountain is high enough.. Saint John of the knife is another fascinating character, he is one of those people that are beyond salvation… A truly evil character.. No matter how old you are, do yourself a favor and read the series Rot and ruin by Jonathan Maberry. You will develop a personal connection to the characters and will hold your breath and hope and root for them… The beautiful zombie art is made by Rob Sacchetto (find him on FB and Patreon)..