Alice in dystopia, my first book is published

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    Alice is broken, like the world around her, like Janey..
    In a World where monsters are real and you can easily become their next meal Alice and her lover Janey try to find safely.

Alice is broken, beaten, used

is looking for beauty and hope in a world that is cold, hard, dark and feeding on blood ..

Janey treats Alice more like her sex slave than a lover.. For Alice Janey is the lesser evil.

The Crows and the Deaders make hunt on the remaining humans.. A warm beautiful soul like Alice is a beacon of light in the ocean of pain and darkness..
  No one knows how far the power of the Crows is reaching and no one who met them survived to talk about it.. Except Jonah…
What are Jonahs intentions? Will he  rise as a Crow after bathing in blood?

Rats episode 1 (Flash fiction by Reading Zombie Queen)

Rats 27 dec
She was looking so beautiful on the rooftop warming up . The sunny days got very rare, heat was hard to find. Since the two leggers dried up and disappeared we don’t get the red flames or the hot surfaces anymore.
The upper floor was most of the time grey like the fur on good old Misty. She was the oldest, born long before the cold came, and some believe that her fur coat changes with the color of the above.
Now I was here, hidden, looking at her. The round red ring made her fur shinny. She was beautiful, round, her tail was long and whip like.
She was licking her paw with slow lazy movements. One of her front teeth was chipped, but it makes her even more desirable. She’s beautiful brown. Like the sweet stuff that is hard and crunchy that I scavenge now and then.  “Mmmm, brown stuff”
I should introduce myself, I am Zig and I am a rat . I am hidden here on the roof of the building lusting after this hot female that spreads her pheromones around. There will be more males around soon. I already had to kill two on my way up.
I am actually white, but I color my coat with sooth to blend in better.  I am one of those, I used to be a lab rat. After the two leggers disappeared I escaped the lab. And now I want to sink myself into this soft new generation female.
My red eyes sparkle, I can feel it. I fed on the two juicy idiots that crossed me on the way up here. I mean, the pheromones that she’s sending out made them stupid.
I got closer. Her fur was standing up and she sent even more pheromones around. I mounted her. She squequed. The pleasure took me to a place of horror, or metal stuck into my soft flesh and my fur being shaved on places on my body.
I wanted to let her be. Her belly thick and pregnant with my Youngs already. I bit her, hard. Her spine cracked.. Her body went soft as I went soft inside her. The beauty of her brown soft coat was sticky with blood. My hunger was aroused in another way now. I licked off the blood, first just to clean her, then I bit again, just a taste of soft sweet flesh. Before I had the slightes idea what I do I was sucking marrow from her juicy bones. I am so full. Sated in all ways I lay there, enjoying the heat on my blood splattered fur before it went away again..

Every foul spirit by W. Gorman… A review


This is a beautiful poetic story of extreme dark horror. It’s not for the faint hearted! It’s the silk that will turn into the spider web of your nightmares. This story slipped inside my subconscious and created a pocket of darkness..

William Gorman returns to the small idyllic town of Blackwater Val. If you read the first part of this story you know how much horror the white picket fence town is hiding.

Katie learned at the age of 21 to conceal her other side. The side that can melt into someone’s mind and plant thoughts, good or bad. She stretches her supernatural fillers to find the killer that takes the souls of the younges.. Unspoiled blood that will never get the chance to reach its full potential.

Kate is attracted to this place of mystery and energy to find her roots and maybe discover something more. The green eyes of a man she meets connect with her soul.

I highly recommend this spooky story for the gloomy hours of the night when trees creak in the wind and strech their branches to the sky like fingers of a corpse…

A interview with Joe “Zombie” Zuko, author of The Infected series

1.How did you get started writing zombie stories?

I heard about Amazon’s direct publishing in 2014. It blew me away when I realized they would let me put out any kind of book I wanted. The very first idea to come to me was a zombie novel about a man trying to get home during a zombie outbreak. It’s no secret Jim’s family is based on my own and at the time I worked in Portland, Oregon and lived in Vancouver, Washington.
For years I dreaded an earthquake or some other crazy natural disaster that would knockout the bridges that link our two states, making it nearly impossible to get home to my ladies. I took that fear and layered the start of an apocalypse on top of it.
I love to write what scares me. It’s cathartic.

2.What is your favorite zombie novel and movie?

I’m such a nerd about this. I know there are dozens of fantastic zombie movies out there, but the one I’ve seen the most and fell in love with is Shaun of the Dead. I was a late bloomer with my zombie obsession and in my mid-twenties when it really started cooking. That’s right when Shaun came out. So many zombie movies are one dimensional with stereotypical characters that you want to see die, but Shaun had heart. I will never say my books are even close to the same level as Shaun of the Dead, but I’d like to think they share a similar style. Both are fun, exciting, heartbreaking at times, and are stories that keep you guessing until the end.

3.If I could have a chat with any author dead or alive who would it be?

I would love to meet Blake Crouch. He doesn’t do zombie themed work, not yet anyway, but his body of work has vastly shaped my writing style. His novel Run, and the Wayward Pines trilogy, in particular, are some of my favorites. I zipped through those books while I was writing Karen’s first day and it’s very clear that he affected me tremendously.
His latest works have not only been entertaining, but they changed my whole perspective on life. I repeat, they changed my whole perspective on the life I’ve chosen to live. If you haven’t read Dark Matter stop what you’re doing right now and go read it. It’s worth every penny. Then come back to this interview.
I wouldn’t have any real questions about writing or where he gets his ideas. I just want to hang out, have a few beers and watch a great movie with the guy.

4.Tell us about practicing Kav Maga.

Just like what happened to Jim in the story. I had gained some weight after my first child was born. I was brewing beer and that was a big mistake for the midsection. My wonderful wife was fed up with my dad bod and got me a one month membership to East West Martial Arts in Vancouver. The first class totally kicked my ass, but I loved it. I had done wrestling in high school and this was the next level. Before I started the class I thought I could handle myself in a street fight, but I was dead wrong.
I didn’t know how to punch or kick properly. I had no idea how to escape a chokehold. A twelve-year-old could have pummeled me into paste.
Unfortunately, I moved too far away from the class and don’t get to go nearly as often as I’d like anymore.

5.Who would you cast as the main character if your books were turned into a movie?

If I was casting for Jim in the Infected series, one of the Chris’s from the Marvel Universe would be amazing, but that might be aiming too high. I’d love to see Jensen Ackles as Jim. He’s got the right build and attitude. I’d love to have a strong leading lady for Karen. I could see Bryce Dallas Howard playing her on the big screen. Bill Skarsgard would make one hell of a Leon. That guy could scare the shit out the Crypt Keeper.
In book seven of the Infected, I have one of the characters ask this question and for Sara, they came up with Emma Stone. She would kill it as Sara.

6.Where do you find inspiration for your work?

I’m very lucky to have been born with an overactive imagination. Ideas spring to me whether I want them or not. If I didn’t put them down in the computer I’d go nuts.

7.What other genres would you like to write in?

I love horror. After I finish The Infected series with Book 8, I’m focusing on three stand alone horror stories. In one of the books, I’ll be focusing on some sci-fi elements with a story about the multiverse. Mainly, I’ll be staying with horror, suspense, action, thrillers. That’s my wheelhouse.

More about me.

I’m a pretty open book, pun intended. I’m on Facebook and readers get almost daily updates about what I’m doing. All I can say about my novels is, this is just the beginning. I really feel like I’ve found my voice and style. I promise I’ll be pumping

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The end of everything… A review of a story that is just at its beginning

 I won’t say that I started reading this book with a neutral eye. I was already a fan of the authors Safe Haven series.. But even if this book would have been completely new to me I would have been intrigued by the cover.. The old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is oh so not true… 
The cover was fricking intriguing, and I am a easy charm with visual candy. But how can you resist the two young women in front of this blazing apocalyptic background..  Chris Artinians familiar narrative style greeted me on page one. His way of expressing himself is charming and unique, he has a great verbal signature. Once you read a Artinian book you will recognize all others. The story is captivating, because you, like me, will care fast for the two main characters, Wren and Robin. The two sisters find themselves in the middle of the Zombie apocalypse, Orphans in a new world that is filled with danger and darkness.. Their parents succumbed to the disease and turned, but they have to realize that the victims of the Plague that wanted to kill them had nothing to do with the two people that gave them live..  After reclaiming their home, the young women have to work out a plan to survive, because the worse monster do not have blood on their lips and Rage in their eyes… The worse monsters do have human faces and friendly smiles.. I won’t spoil things for you, dear readers.. I will just say that Artinian surprised me.. Some of his characters have a Hitchcock quality to them, he plays with madness, with basic human fears and emotions. What I loved the most is the evolution of the relationship between the two sisters. From a cold distant way of relating, based on their different characters the two sisters get close and start working and acting as a unit, because nothing is welding two people closer together than fighting the undead..  Before ending my review, I want to say a few words about the girls.. Wren is very disciplined, a true fighter, a Olympic level athlete. Robin is your typical girl, she loves to party, dates boys and invested all her pocket money in clothes and make up.. When Wren is training in the backyard with the javelin to fight the undead, Robin is morning the loss of her phone charger..  I think that most of us can relate a bit with each of them.. Have you ever asked yourself what would you miss the most if everything would end tomorrow??? Give The end of everything a chance, you won’t regret it. Find Christopher Artinian on Facebook, Amazon and on the island he lives on.. His books are all available on Kindle unlimited.